Ink Versus Inc.

New Q literature is the alternative to brand name, prime time, laugh track, sit-com fiction.

It counteracts the contrived plot, the clichéd character, the conventional setting and the incessant pop culture reference.

It defies the categorized commercial guidelines that the industry calls genres, but that actually are nothing more than brands.

New Q literature is the antidote to disposable entertainment that is meant for instant consumption.            

Pop fiction, like the majority of entertainment in America, has become standardized for a reason. It follows a market-tested formula that delivers the amusement we expect to punctuate our work lives, packaged in carefully portioned time slots to relieve the stress of common day.           

But it is not art. And because it is not art, it does not speak to who we really are or what we really need.

For one thing, because pop fiction is written to market formulas, its characters don’t suffer the laws of gravity. Formula fiction characters don’t rise above life because they don’t live life.

Needless to say, any fiction with rules about what characters are allowed to think and say and do is not literature at all. Even the few novels that stay away from fiction formulas seem to be more prefab constructions than new architecture.

For another thing, like the blockbuster movie and the Top 40 song, the pop novel is made for the stomach, not for the soul.

Because it appeals to fashion and not our foundation, pop fiction does not resonate with us. Because it does not resonate with us we are told to look for what is coming next to sate our unsatisfied appetite.

Yet we know from experience that ‘new’ in America does not really mean new but merely ‘next.’

Since there is nothing new but only what is next in America, we become entertainment consumers and our art becomes disposable like everything else in our throwaway culture.

New Q literature is the exception.

It is the lasting alternative to disposable commercial fiction.

New Q literature takes on problems too big to be thrown away and presents an alternative vision that truly is life changing.