The Life of Meaning

In “Great Desires for Absent Things” five broken lives with little hope of repair depend on a dreamer whose idea to save them will only work if he overcomes his fear of action.

BOBBY DANTE — a New York journalist with one year of sobriety and a second chance at life with his pregnant wife is unwilling to confront his fears of inadequacy and rejection. Desperation leads him to do the one thing he never wanted to do.

CICERO DANTE — a school psychologist who finds her security through scientific verification does not trust her husband Bobby’s new spiritual direction. She confronts him about an affair with her half sister Odessa that she has always suspected her husband of having , even though the last thing Cicero wants to do is go through pregnancy alone.

MARCO CRUZ — a remarkable 5-year-old boy is the model of childlike trust in the face of systematic adult deceit, and the looming death of his mother, Odessa. Marco waits for his father to come into his life and be the man he has never been.

ORIGEN ALEXANDER — an enigmatic intellectual who wants to prove his thesis about the immutability of the human condition by jumping off the Golden Gate bridge. A lonely fellow recovering alcoholic of Dante who relishes the antagonist role, Origen holds the key to Dante’s happiness.

ODESSA CRUZ — a striking, young single mother dying of AIDS devises an unlikely plan to benefit her son Marco that gives her more influence dead than she ever had alive. A model of grace in the face of death, she holds the secret that threatens everyone’s security.

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