The new heroism

“…what a man does when he is taken off guard is the best evidence for what sort of man he is…”— C.S. Lewis

In “Great Desires for Absent Things”the hero Bobby Dante is like anyone who is idealistic and hungry for meaning; he is full of new ideas, but empty of new actions.

Bobby Dante is also like anyone who has ever wondered where one’s true nature really exists.

Far removed from his innocence, Bobby Dante feels innocent once again because he has been given a second chance at the life he threw away.

So he asks himself: does his true character exist in the relentless way he has always broken rules to suit himself?

Or is his integrity rooted in this inspiring second chance he has been given to find himself by serving others?

The decision for him is whether he is a modern man who makes his own meaning and claims his own authority or whether he is a new man with a new mission to find meaning in suffering and sacrifice.

It is impossible for him to exist between the extremes of a destroyed past and a forbidding future.

And so he is forced to act.

In doing so he shows himself and his world what sort of man he is.

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