The village should take the place of noblemen of Europe
and become the patron of the arts.  — Thoreau


Whether it’s for the criticism, the confessions or the connections about reading, writing and the life of meaning, we are here for the same reason. We are discovering what we know about ourselves and what we know about our world by exploring the questions of origin and destiny and identity and purpose.

This is a place for transformation as much as a place for information.

It is also a place for contribution.


Even the most independent of us are molded by popular culture. And in our society the most influential figures including artists do much more to enforce the status quo than they do to embrace the life of meaning that comes with service, sacrifice and solidarity.

  • The status quo tells us that we are buyers and sellers.

  • The status quo says that families are economic units, that homes are financial assets, that children are investments and that possessions are happiness.

  • Our relationships are defined by the incomes we earn and the money we spend and the funds we save.

  • We compare ourselves to each other in economic terms instead of identifying ourselves with each other in spiritual terms.

  • We derive our self worth from the products that we produce instead of from the love that we share.

  • Our pursuit of meaning is driven by what we can buy instead of by what we can give.

  • We speak of our security and we dream of our destiny with Wall Street words instead of with eternal words.

  • When popular culture gives us credit for being able to define beauty or discern truth or discriminate between competing influences, it is only in the realm of brand awareness.


Deep down, we know that this is not who we are, even if we cannot always say for sure who we are inside.

We are people who search. We hunt and we target and we pursue the most important things to us, even if part of that search is unconscious. Even if part of that search in a mysterious way goes against our own free will.

We are people who find. We discover what we love. And when we find it we shelter it. We nurture it. We protect it. And we honor it, even if we don’t always know consciously what we have. Even if we sometimes wish we had not discovered it.

We are people who keep. We keep what is close to us. We keep it because we have searched for it. We keep it because we discovered it. And what we keep becomes precious. It becomes deep. It becomes scared.


We have to drop our 24/7 turn-on with the superficial and embrace the fact that we are keepers of the deep.

We have to recognize who we are so that we can see the gap between how we are labeled and how we are wired.

We have to feed our authenticity and put our superficiality on bread and water.

We have to embrace art and faith and the life of meaning and recognize that we are heirs to a fortune so rich that it can never be depleted … a treasure too huge to hoard and too beautiful to degrade.

We have to leave our inheritance to eternity and love our life while we still have it.


What we need is not something new but something renewed. Not something that needs to be destroyed so much as torn down. Not something that needs to be created so much as embraced.

We are talking about revival and revolution and renaissance. This is what we need to reform our world and restore our souls.

And you can help.

You can help by making great art.

You can help by supporting great art.

Like many, I live paycheck to paycheck and am grateful for each payday. And yet, like Dostoevsky, when it comes to a choice between millions or answers to my questions, I need answers to my questions.

And so I am an indigent artist with a full time writing job, a part-time teaching job and a mission to write fiction.

I am trying to earn 25 percent of my income each year from the sale of my fiction, from the sale of New Q gear, and from contributions to this site.

Please help.


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