Beyond Life’s Limits


When we travel, when we live our adventures

we are limited …

how far we can go in actual distance,

how far we can go in the actual present …


But in literature there are no bounds

We can go anywhere the mind can command

and know characters the world has never seen

and be as close to a stranger as we are to ourselves…

We can connect to places we have never been

and we can explore where danger and politeness

forbids us to go


When we are done reading

life is lighter for what we know about ourselves

and what we know about our world

We awaken to new movements of the soul

and feel the touch of renewal


  • We know characters we never knew we admired

  • Scenes we never knew were inspired

  • Lives we never knew we desired


We begin to square the big questions of life about

origin, destiny, identity, purpose and meaning


What changed?

We changed …

We experienced the power of serious literature

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