What is a Quoin?

A quoin (pronounced koin) has three definitions that work together to express the meaning of the mission.

  • In masonry, a quoin is a cornerstone or a decorative stone accent.

  • In artillery terminology, a quoin is a wedge that is used to elevate a canon.

  • In a printing, a quoin locks type into place in the press so that the letters don’t shift when the page is set.

Architecture. Warfare. Literature.

A quoin can be used to fortify or to beautify, to knock down or to edify.

We like the versatility, the power, the symbolism of the common quoin. We like the idea of something that can be used to build up what is healthy about culture and attack what is harmful.

It reminds us of free will — that gift that empowers us to overcome self-destruction.

And it reminds us of the interdependence of “revival, revolution and renaissance” in shaping our destiny.

What makes this quoin new is our mission to incorporate all of its uses in the service of readers — to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable.

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