Serious Literature Lasts

SERIOUS LITERATURE and literary fiction are terms to describe the most artistic and enduring novels that have ever been written.

They are also terms to describe writing by living authors who hope that their novels will achieve a lasting status, something that is not determined until after an author’s death.

Defining what makes literary fiction enduring is easier than defining what makes it artistic, but even the easier part of the definition is tricky because novels can endure for reasons as different as the readers who love them.

, literary novels outlast fashion because new generations continue to find power in them. “The Brothers Karamazov,” “Anna Karenina” and “Don Quixote” are novels by writers of the past that speak wisdom today because Dostoevsky and Tolstoy and Cervantes shared a vision about the purpose of the novel and the purpose of the artist writing it.

Because these authors were most interested in enduring questions of truth, beauty and eternity, their novels are focused less on matters of the moment and more on themes of all time.

Getting to the artistry that defines these masterpieces as literary fiction is difficult, although there are a few common characteristics:

  • A moral vision

  • A transcendental warrant

  • Eclectic characters

  • Minimal plotting

At the end of the day, what gives literary fiction its artistic integrity is its profound and lasting effect on the reader. The author seeks to reveal the world as it is and to reveal people as they are by bringing settings and characters closer to the reader than the reader has ever experienced them in real life.

In this way, the artist seeks to transcend time by creating a novel that transforms the reader.

This is the rarest kind of writing because it is the hardest to achieve. It takes more effort and time for a writer to accomplish. And it follows — although it is not always the case — that it takes more time and effort for a reader to digest.

THE GOOD NEWS is that a masterpiece lasts forever, so the time put into its creation is just as profitable as the time spent reading it.

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